Perpetrator Services

The Sarah’s Inn Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) works with individuals who are ready to change their violent and controlling behavior choices in a community of honesty and accountability. Participation is a combination of voluntary and court-mandated.

Participation currently includes a combination of voluntary and court mandated clients who speak English and/or Spanish, identify as male, and have been abusive in a heterosexual relationship with a woman. For other groups needing services (i.e. female perpetrators) please try the following programs: Salvation Army, Center for Advancing Domestic Peace, and La Familia Unida.

For Questions or to make an intake appointment, contact Meg Hefty, Associate Director, at 708-386-3305 x.1009 or our general PAIP line at x.1010.


Our philosophy is that abusive and controlling behavior is learned over time; therefore, it can be unlearned. Healthier behaviors can be learned by taking individual responsibility for choices, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. We insist that clients accept responsibility for their abusive and controlling behavior and stop this behavior immediately. We teach alternative skills in stress management and conflict resolution. We confront socialized gender/sex role stereotypes and family of origin experiences that influence the learning of abusive and controlling behavior. We assist and support clients in learning to recognize and take responsibility for their emotional needs and encourage them to develop appropriate ways of communicating and meeting their needs.


The Partner Abuse Intervention Program is an Illinois State Protocol Approved Program. Please feel free to read more about the protocols and the process at Clients who are court ordered (criminal court or DCFS) must attend a protocol approved program.


Completion of Intake Assessment (fee $25).

Completion of Orientation Workshop (fee $25).

Completion of 26 Weekly Group Sessions (sliding fee, determined at intake, Make an appointment).

Aftercare – Client can elect to continue attending after completion (free as long as client remains non-violent).


Intake Assessments Monday evenings at 4:30pm.

Orientation Workshop Monday evenings at 4:30pm.

Weekly Groups are either Mondays 6:30-8:30pm or Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm.

Note: For Intakes and Orientation Workshop there is limited availability to schedule appointments for other days and times if client has a conflict.


West Suburban Medical Center at 3 Erie Court in Oak Park, Illinois.

**NOTE: All appointments must be scheduled over the phone. Do not send clients to this location. They must call Meg Hefty, Associate Director at 708-386-3305 x.1009 or our general PAIP line at x.1010 to make an appointment.


A private two-hour intake session with a Sarah’s Inn Partner Abuse Intervention Counselor is reserved for the client. During this intake, the Partner Abuse Intervention Program is explained along with expectations and requirements. At this point, client rights and responsibilities and confidentiality are explained, a weekly fee is determined & agreed upon and an in-depth interview with the client is conducted. This interview includes history of abuse, family & marital history, and general information such as work information, living situation and substance use history.


Held once every 3 weeks on a Monday evening. Group ranges in size from two-five new in-coming male clients. Orientation includes an overview of the program and topics that will be covered at weekly meetings.


Psycho-educational weekly 2 hour group sessions that are co-facilitated by a male & female abuser intervention counselor.


is instruction and large group discussion about topics related to domestic abuse; belief systems; effects of domestic abuse on partner and children; family of origin issues; gender/sex role; socialization; communication skills; recognizing and taking responsibility for personal thoughts, feelings, situational stressors, and physiological cues.


is small group format consisting of client discussion about their personal situations; abuser intervention counselors and client group members provide support & feedback.