Consent Never Goes Out of Style: Denim & Discussion

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We all wear denim, and we ALL have a role to play in ending sexual violence and supporting folx who have experienced sexual trauma. 

Have you heard of Denim Day? It is a day of solidarity with and activism for survivors of sexual violence first organized in response to a rape case and conviction that was overturned in Italy when it was assumed that the victim had given consent simply because of what she was wearing: skinny denim jeans. We will observe Denim Day by wearing denim and having conversations about how we can support the survivors in our lives and our communities.

Join our Prevention and Training and Education Teams on Denim Day, Wednesday, April 28th, for a virtual discussion about sexual abuse and how it can look in a variety of relationships – from dating and teen relationships, to long-term adult partnerships, and for individuals who are LGBTQIA+ and members of diverse communities. We will talk about consent, discuss real-life examples from the media, and put our knowledge into practice by identifying ways that each of us can believe, support, and provide resources to those who have experienced sexual violence. All are welcome! Be sure to pre-register, sport your favorite denim, and click to join us on April 28th for this important conversation.